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After a serious accident, you may face physical and emotional pain as well as unexpected financial concerns. Fortunately, personal injury law protects individuals who have been seriously hurt by others. Many people seem to have incorrect information about how a personal injury lawsuit works. This misunderstanding can make them hesitant to file a lawsuit when it can be beneficial.

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Last Updated: October 9, 2022
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top Personal Injury Firm

Our goal in practice is to provide quality service to people who experienced serious injuries. We firmly believe every case we take on deserves our utmost attention and care. If we represent you we will give you the highest level of service that we have to offer. You can turn to us for a diverse set of legal representation services for cases involving:
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including those involving bicycles and pedestrians
  • Actions leading to fatal injuries and wrongful death
  • Animal attacks
  • Denied long-term and auto insurance claims
  • Defective product claims involving vehicles, tires, and roadway designs
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Negligence claims involving all Types of serious injuries
top Personal Injury Firm

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We have built our reputation on our excellent service and the outcomes that we secure for our clients. The vast majority of the people that we represent are referred by other attorneys and past clients who respect our work and know our reputation.
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