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We represent people who are vulnerable or have been harmed.

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We envision a legal system where access to justice has no bounds. Because we believe deeply that every person, regardless of the color of their skin, how much money they have in the bank, the language they speak or where they come from should have equal access to justice and that those who do wrong should be held accountable for their actions.
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We deliver expert legal counsel with care and compassion

We are a new kind of law firm that is transforming how everyday people who have been harmed get access to justice.

personal injury lawyer

Personal injury

After a serious accident, you may face physical and emotional pain as well as unexpected financial concerns.
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wrongful death lawyer

Catastrophic injury/Wrongful Death

The word catastrophe comes from a Greek word that means to overturn. This is fitting since a catastrophic injury can turn anyone’s life upside down
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“The team at this firm are professional and knowledgeable.  They made the process of going through a very difficult time less stressful. Scott, took the time to explain every detail of the process and was truly patient and caring. It is a relief to have our claim settled. I would highly recommend this legal team and I cannot thank them enough of all they did for our family.”
Linda L.
“I was referred to this firm by an attorney friend of mine, and I'm so glad he did! They were extremely professional and prompt with everything. More importantly, they are just great people. That means a lot to me when working with an attorney. I would recommend them to anyone on a heartbeat. And I have!”
Jason G.
“This firm represented me on a medical malpractice case. Throughout the entire process my attorney was very caring, supportive, and respectful of my injuries. He thoroughly explained things and was willing to personally answer my phone calls and meet with me. The entire team genuinely care and helped guide my family and I through stressful times. I never felt alone. I highly recommend them.”
Shannon G.
“Scott Seymann, Steve German and their staff were amazing! They always kept us apprised of the situation and were never too busy to answer our questions. Everyone was always very helpful and pleasant to speak with. Scott is a hard worker and does everything he can to help his clients. I strongly recommend this firm.”
Joanna M.

Disability Insurance Bad Faith

When an insurance carrier is acting in bad faith, it is not enough that they pay the benefits that you are owed. You may have suffered financial damage as well as emotional and mental distress. Reimbursement of your benefits is insufficient to make you whole again. For this reason, the law in Arizona recognizes a separate cause of action against disability insurance companies that treat their insured clients unfairly or in bad faith.
Disability Insurance Bad Faith

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