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December 27, 2022

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting one of Scout Law Group's websites. Our goal is to provide information about legal services, offer general information, and give you a way to continue the conversation.

Legal Notices and Disclaimers

Your Use of the Website does not create an Attorney-Client Relationship. We would need to agree in writing to represent you. This document would either be sent overnight, by mail or electronically by email or Docusign.

If You are not a Client, Please do not Submit Confidential or Sensitive Information. Any information sent to the Firm by a client is protected as an attorney-client communication. Documents or information sent by non-clients may not have the same protections.

If You Would Like To Be Our Client, Please Call Us. The idea of the website is to educate and encourage communication. However, the only way to move forward is to arrange a time to meet or speak with us.

Do Not Rely on Websites for Information or Legal Advice. The information provided is general and cannot be responsive to your particular situation. Also, while we try to keep the website up to date, laws and circumstances can change daily.

If Your Provide Us Feedback on Scout Law Group on this Website or Other Social Media Platform We Reserve the Right to Share It. If you send us an email or provide us with a compliment or constructive comment, we reserve the right to present it on our website and other social media outlets. We will remove identifying info, i.e.,Thomas J. from Ann Arbor says, "Scout Law Group was helpful to me and my family."

Scout Law Group takes Covid-19 seriously. All employees have voluntarily been vaccinated and will observe all safety guidelines as directed by the CDC. With that promise in mind, please make sure and tell us if you have been recently diagnosed with Covid so that we can protect others. Your case will not suffer any delay due to a Covid diagnosis as our depositions, hearing, and trials are almost all handled online.